Welcome to Danson Electrical UK Limited

Welcome to our WEBSITE UPDATE where we introduce our most up to date Product Portfolio, we introduce 2 new and exciting developments from our DANSON ranges of products, designed and updated by DANSON ELECTRICAL UK LIMITED.

Danson Electrical are delighted and excited to introduce to you our latest developments which include a new range of DANSON ELEGANT RANGE CONSUMER UNITS AND DEVICES and SURGE PROTECTION DEVICES all featured in this update as well as our existing successful range of DANSON CONSUMER UNITS AND DEVICES, IP44 and IP67 INDUSTRIAL PLUGS AND SOCKETS and 3 AND 4 POLE ROTARY ISOLATOR SWITCHES.

These new products have been pre-tested in the market by many Electrical Contractors and we have now got the quality satisfaction and positive feedback from all those who have tried these products before launch.

As experts in low voltage distribution systems we feel these new developments complete the first stage of Shayla Electrical establishing quality ranges of DANSON products into the market. All products are internationally tested and certified.

Danson Electrical UK Limited through our DANSON ranges are continually expanding on our knowledge and services to assist customers with successfully implementing their low voltage distribution systems in multiple markets across the UK. Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes Danson Electrical UK Limited DANSON RANGES the ideal choice for a safe and life changing installation system.